G5 Brewing Company

1895 Gateway Blvd
Beloit, WI 53511

How much beer?

We're starting with a 10 barrel brewing system. But how much beer is that really?

1 barrel is 31 gallons of beer, so 10 barrels equals 310 gallons...or roughly 2,480 pints of beer. And that's just from one batch!


You can expect a variety of beers when we open: lagers, IPAs, stouts, ales, and porters.

Whether you're a seasoned beer veteran or a beer newbie, we'll have something on tap to suit your palatte.


Our menu is under construction.

You'll find more info on our food as we get closer to opening.

The layout

This is a rendering of the Brewery and restaurant floorplan.

News & Updates

We closed on the property on March 3, 2017.


We are tentatively planning for a September 2017 start. From there it should take somewhere between 6-8 months until completion.

Our Story


One could say it began in the summer of 2007.

One of our children had just returned home from a study abroad opportunity in Germany and had experienced a wide variety of new beer styles that he was eager to share with us.

That summer's curiousity about beer has grown into an obsession over the last 10 years as we've 'sampled' our way through a great variety of craft beers.

Chaper 1: G5 Brewing Company

We believe we can make great craft beer.

And we want to share it with our family, friends, neighbors, and others who share a similar curiousity and passion for beer.